A Healthy Brain: Memory,Cognition and Mood

A healthy brain that functions well is one of your greatest treasures.What’s more, it’s a vital part of the bigger health picture and intimately connected to every other part of your system. And the connection goes both ways, particularly in the case of the gut-brain axis. At Functional Skin Solutions, we’ll help you look beyond the surface and help to optimize your brain health as you age.

While it’s easy to dismiss a few glitches in your mental functioning as a product of being too busy or the aging process, the truth is that this is not ideal. Being chronically too busy or stressed has a huge and negative impact on brain function. And while certain brain characteristics do change as we age, memory and mood do not have to be among them.

There are many factors that influence brain health: gut bugs and other stealth infections, heavy metal and toxin exposure, head trauma,emotional trauma, the list goes on.

Depression is projected to become the largest cause of disability worldwide. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are growing at an alarming rate. Taking care of your brain using the latest information available makes more than good sense.

At Functional Skin Solutions we approach brain health in a unique manner. We use cutting edge yet simple testing to locate possible problems in brain and body system functioning. Armed with this information, we can address potential problems years before symptoms show themselves.

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